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Medical Tourism

Healthitinerary is the leading patient advocate/medical tourism company in the Yucatan providing high quality, affordable and safe medical services and health screenings to our clients from overseas. We are dedicated to facilitating the best surgical outcomes while ensuring the best overall patient experience, here in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.

For patients recovering from a procedure or surgery there are many accessible things to see, and gentle activities to be enjoyed by you and your travelling companion. These and other more adventurous recommendations will immerse you in the colour, tradition and warmth of the Mayan Culture and the beautiful state of the Yucatan.

Yucatan is a land of origins because the great Maya civilization settled here, carving science and their deep knowledge into stone. It was here that the Earth began a new cycle, and it is in the Yucatan that the expanses of the Maya World can be explored.

With magnificent archaeological sites, historical colonial cities, attractive natural resources such as cenotes and caves, a vast cultural heritage expressed through its music, dance and cuisine, as well as the great heritage of the customs of the Mayan communities, Yucatan is a destination able to offer visitors unique experiences.

With distinctive tourism options, world-class services and with the generosity of its people, Yucatan with its new Baktun (Maya calendar) offers travelers of the 21st Century, as it did the explorers of the 19th Century, the unique opportunity to marvel at the wealth it possesses.