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Testimonial: James C / St. Louis, MO 

“I am writing this to show my endorsement for Tina Frewer & Healthitinerary’s services in medical tourism in Merida, Mexico.  I have firsthand knowledge of her capabilities in this field.

While vacationing in Yucatan state in February 2013, I awoke to severe internal bleeding from an ulcer.  My wife transported me to the emergency room at Clinica Merida hospital.  Upon arrival the doctors said my blood pressure was 60/40 and my scope was a flat line with an occasional blip.  They told my wife and me later that I was basically dead and if we had been 2-3 more minutes in arriving they may not have been able to revive me.  Fortunately for my wife and I, and the excellent care I received at the hospital from doctors and staff, I have fully recovered and am doing great.

Upon arrival at the emergency room, one of the first things my wife did was contact Tina Frewer.  Even at that early hour, Tina was at the hospital in a few minutes.  She quickly assessed the situation and was instrumental in calming my wife down.   After confirming with medical staff I would be admitted to the critical care unit, she assisted my wife with the registration process and helped her set up the payment process.

Mexico is different from the U.S. in those payments to doctors and hospitals are made each day, some requiring advance deposits, some must be in cash while others may be put on credit cards.  My wife stated that without Tina she would have been completely lost and this process would have been a nightmare.  She then provided my wife with transportation to obtain clothing and toiletries for our extended hospital stay.  She also provided my wife with a list of eating establishments near the hospital so she would not have to take all her meals in the hospital.

Tina was in continuous contact with my wife during my stay to assist in any way possible.  She worked with the hospital billing office and my wife to review the charges and keep my wife advised on what needed to be paid and if it could be done by credit card or required cash.   She introduced my wife to a bank representative at a nearby bank to assist her in obtaining cash for those charges that could not be paid by credit card.

Tina worked with the billing office and hospital staff on my discharge and she assisted my wife in getting me back to our house on the beach and also getting my car back to the house as I was not yet allowed to drive.

I cannot begin to put a value on Tina’s support and help during this very stressful time.   Her assistance was invaluable.  Based on my first-hand experience, I highly recommend Tina’s services in the Medical Tourism field for those coming to Merida for medical support.

In addition to having invaluable contacts in medical services, she is also extremely knowledgeable in the tourism side of the business.  She has many contacts in housing, shopping, sightseeing and transportation needs.  While we did not need this part of her services, they could be very valuable for someone coming to Merida for the first time with limited knowledge of the area.

Again, I highly recommend Tina & Healthitinerary.  With her you will be able to get your required medical attention and also have a stress free stay before and after the medical services.”