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Who is HealthNet Connect For?

If you are a visitor to Merida or the nearby beach communities, a snow-bird, part-time, or full-time resident, HealthNet Connect has been designed for you. Whether you self insure, carry private health insurance or IMSS, HealthNet Connect has been designed for you.

From the HealthNet Connect Founder

As an ex-pat who lived and experienced the healthcare systems in both the UK and US before arriving in Merida, I know how difficult it is to find the appropriate healthcare. Add to that an unfamiliar country and a language difference. I also know how one’s joy for living can be robbed by chronic symptoms, undiagnosed conditions, visits to physicians who have no answers, and mounting medical bills. That was me when I arrived in Merida several years ago.

After my first doctor’s visit here, and one test that is routine in Merida, I had a swift and obvious diagnosis, an extensive uncomplicated surgical procedure, and a week of glorious care in a hospital that was more comfortable than most hotels. All of this for a cost so minimal as to not require insurance. I wanted the world to know how effortless it is to reclaim a healthy body and mind when you receive great care. So I founded HealthNet Connect for YOU.

To You and Your Radiant Health!

 Tina Frewer, Founder and CEO Healthitinerary

Special message for visitors and snowbirds

HealthNet Connect ‘Additional Benefits’ at a glance for visitors and snowbirds.

Buy the Membership that works best for you 1 month, 2 months, 3 months or 6 months
Peace of mind should an emergency situation arise while you are away from home
Assistance with managing your health conditions while you are away from home
Continue any physical therapy rehabilitation program while you are away from home with our exceptionally low priced sessions
Save money on eye glasses/contact lenses & routine medications
Why not take 1 or 2 days out of your visit to have your annual dental check, teeth cleaning, teeth whitening or routine dental maintenance done? World class services at a fraction of the cost back home
Save money during your visit on routine health checks and preventative health screenings e.g. eye exams, colonoscopy etc.
Save money on ambulatory & elective surgeries e.g. Lasik eye surgery, cosmetic surgery or that smile makeover you have been wanting & waiting for etc.

We have no age limit and no health exclusions.


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