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Save Thousands of dollar as A Medical Tourist in Mexcio

For Americans seeking medical tourism, Mexico is one of the most popular destinations. Its vicinity, combined with some of the lowest costs for modern medical care in the Northern Hemisphere have led to its growing popularity.

Medical Tourism in Mexico

6 Reasons why Medical Tourism is Safe in Mexico

6 Reasons why Medical Tourism is Safe in Mexico

The questions every ask, if you ever think to have a procedure done in Mexico “Is Mexico a safe destination?”

Many people in the US and Canada who ask this are interested on getting to learn more about medical tourism. About any procedure done in Mexico will cost half what would cost in the US, procedure like a facelift of a gastric by pass can be done for less than 9,000 USD.

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Health insurance mexico

Health Insurance in Mexico, what you need to know.

As an expat, it is important for you to carefully think about investing in a solid health insurance plan for yourself as well as your family members before you move to any foreign country.

Medical Insurance in Mexico

Getting health insurance in Mexico: Health and Medical Options in Mexico

What kind of health care system does Mexico have?

What’s the average cost of health insurance?

Private or Public health insurance, which should I choose?

Read this post and find out all the questions you been wondering about.