Health Itinerary

EVENT: Healthy Living In The Yucatan
Thursday, June 9th, 10:00am

Eye care – protecting your vision

Caring for your eyes in the Yucatan – Exams, glasses, surgeries and warning signs you need to know to protect your vision.

Guest Speaker: Dr. Alejandro of Videre Eye Clinic, Alta Brisa

When: Thursday, June 9th, 10:00am
Location: DOOR54 Coffee & Wine Bistro, Calle 54 #364G X 35, Merida Centro
Call 999 738 5743 for details.

EVENT: Healthy Living in the Yucatan Session in Progreso!
Thursday, June 16th, 4:00pm

IMSS: Is this public care system for me?

IMSS (Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social) is the national public health care system in Mexico includes temporary and permanent residents. Come along to learn how IMSS works.

Guest Speaker: Pati Sales, HealthItinerary

When: Thursday, June 16th, 4:00pm
Location: Barlovento Resaurante, Calle 80 #109 x 21 y 23 Puerto Progreso (just off the malecon)

Call 999 738 5743 for details.

Welcome to Healthitinerary (Medical Tourism)

Healthitinerary is the leading patient advocate/medical tourism company in the Yucatan providing high quality, affordable and safe medical services and health screenings to our clients from overseas. We are dedicated to facilitating the best surgical outcomes while ensuring the best overall patient experience, here in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.

HealthNet Connect Membership in Merida & The Nearby Beach Communities

HealthNet Connect is a highly affordable plan designed to give visitors, snow-birds and residents a trusted and reliable health resource, providing cost saving health benefits, special prices through our network of health providers, significant savings on routine medications, support services and health & wellness screening products. HealthNet Connect provides the only free 24 hour call line to a Medical Coordinator and access to the only 24 hour Private Emergency Ambulance Service (with an English speaking operator) servicing Merida and the nearby Gulf Coast beach communities in the Yucatan, Mexico